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Icehouse AmphitheaterYou’ve probably heard of the Icehouse Amphitheater located at 107 W Main St, Lexington, SC 29072.. If not, then you have officially been missing out on some of the best music this area has to offer. Located right off highway 544, just a few miles west of Spartanburg, SC, the Icehouse is home to some of the most amazing outdoor concerts and festivals in Western South Carolina. This year alone they will host at least 10 different musical events! Whether you like country, indie rock, Motown or any other genre under the sun…this place is bound to have something for everyone. So if you’re looking for an exceptional venue with affordable prices and a cool atmosphere; look no further than Lexington’s Icehouse Amphitheater.

Why You Should Go to an Outdoor Concert at the Icehouse

The creators of the Icehouse Amphitheater did a great job of making this venue the perfect outdoor concert location. Aside from the fact that it is surrounded by beautiful country scenery and has a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains…it is also very accessible for the disabled. The main entrance is at ground level and the surrounding path is wheelchair accessible. This makes it easy for people who are less mobile to attend events here without any issues. It is also pet friendly, so if you bring your furry best friend they are also welcome. The real reason you should go to an outdoor concert is because you will have an experience unlike any other. When you attend a concert at the Icehouse, you will be surrounded by nature. You will be in a serene and calm setting that is unlike any other venue. You will be surrounded by the sounds of nature and the people around you. There is something about experiencing an event like this that is truly unforgettable.

How to Get Tickets to an Outdoor Concert at the Icehouse

If you want to attend an outdoor concert at the Icehouse, you will want to start by getting your hands on some tickets. You will find a variety of options available here including general admission tickets, VIP packages, VIP reserved seating and general admission lawn seating. The good news is that the cost for tickets here is very reasonable. You can expect to pay anywhere from $20-$50 per person depending on the event and where you get your tickets. If you do not have tickets yet, you will probably be able to find them online. Unfortunately, the Icehouse is not set up to sell tickets over the phone, so you will probably have to go online. You can also try contacting local radio stations and see if they have any extra tickets they are willing to sell. If you are looking for a group ticket, you will likely be able to find them online. The best way to find tickets here is by using a search engine.

Tips for a Killer Time at an Outdoor Concert at the Icehouse

- Bring a blanket or a lawn chair - Some outdoor concerts at the Icehouse offer seating, but most do not. You will want to get there early enough to stake out a spot so you do not have to worry about this. If you do not have a spot yet, bring a blanket or a lawn chair so you can get as close to the stage as possible without causing any issues. - Bring Cash - Most outdoor events at the Icehouse do not take any type of card. You will want to make sure you have cash on hand in case there are any food or merchandise vendors. - Make Sure Your Phone is Off – There are no rules governing when you can take pictures at an outdoor concert, but you will want to make sure your phone is off in order to have the best time possible. There is nothing like being surrounded by nature and experiencing a concert like this with the distraction of a phone. - Arrive Early - There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a concert and realizing that there are not enough doors to get you into the venue. If you are going to an outdoor concert at the Icehouse, you want to arrive early enough so that you do not have this problem.

Favorite Shows at the Icehouse Amphitheater

If you are looking for some of the best shows at the Icehouse Amphitheater, you have a few options available to you. The most common type of show at the Icehouse is a classic rock concert. You can expect to see a variety of classic and modern rock at the venue. You will also find some country and alternative rock shows here as well. As far as country music goes, you should expect to see some modern artists, as well as a few classic artists. One of the best things about attending a concert here is that they offer free outdoor shows. You will find a few different festivals held here throughout the year that feature multiple genres of music. If you are looking for an all-encompassing experience, the Icehouse Amphitheater is the perfect venue for you.

Final Words: Don’t Forget Your Swimsuit!

When you go to an outdoor concert at the Icehouse, you will want to make sure you bring a swimsuit. You can change in the car and then head over to your favorite outdoor show. If you want to be extra prepared, you can buy a swimsuit here. The Icehouse Amphitheater has a bad reputation for having a very erratic water flow that can be very dangerous. Please be careful and make sure you know what you are getting into before you go. If you want to make the most of your time at the Icehouse, you will want to pick one of the outdoor music festivals. You can expect to see a wide range of musicians perform at these festivals. You can also expect to find camping and other amenities available at the festivals. If you want to experience an all around great time, make sure you pick an outdoor festival at the Icehouse.

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